SCS PANGAMOT - Self-defence instructor course/ waffenlose Selbstverteidigung

Erstmalig in Deutschland: Holzminden und Werdohl

mit Frans und Leonora Stroeven.




Pangamot, a Filipino martial art, originated in the Philippines and is relatively unknown to the general public. However, Frans Stroeven has modernized and adapted Pangamot to meet the demands of the contemporary era, creating a self-defense system for the 21st century that is realistic, intense, fast, and effective. Pangamot serves as an excellent complement to other martial arts.


Frans Stroeven offers unique training methods to learn techniques that truly work, sharpen fight instinct and mentality, and more. The focus is on practical street self-defense, avoiding impractical techniques often taught in other schools. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, Frans Stroeven promises to train and guide you step by step to learn and apply Pangamot in the real world.


Here are some reasons to consider the Pangamot instructor training:


Realistic and aggressive self-defense.

A highly advanced form of self-defense.

Realistic training methods.

Defense against multiple opponents.


If you prefer not to become an instructor but only want to train at a top level, that option is available too.

If you aspire to become a Pangamot instructor, this is your opportunity.


For more information or to sign up, you can email Frans Stroeven at info@scseskrima.com